Buy Our Honeymoon

David and Meg’s Dream Honeymoon in California

We were adamant that we were not going to have a gift list. We honestly do not expect gifts — we mean it when we say all we want is for you to come and share our special day.

But we understand that some people would like a little guidance. We are going to California for a MEGA TRIP and with your help we would love to do some pretty amazing and spectacular things, the kind of things we’ve always dreamed about.

Here’s how our gift list works. Just pick the item you’d most like to give us. You’ll then be asked to leave your name and any message you have for us.

To make payment, you can then set up a one-off Direct Debit through the site. Or Meg’s mum has kindly offered to be in charge of the cards on the BIG DAY, so do please feel free to leave the cash value of your gift in one of them.

We’ll send you a photo of us enjoying your gift when we return, along with our sincerest thanks.

We’re really excited and can’t wait to get married and see all your gorgeous faces.

Meg and David!