Wedding Gift List and Honeymoon Fund

Simon and Michelle’s Honeymoon Donation Page

We’ve been asked what we’d like for a gift and the answer is simple: you, at our wedding, having a great time.

But if you insist then we’ll say we’d also love the most amazing honeymoon possible. We have a house, filled with house-based stuff, so there’s no need for a traditional wedding list full of more toasters and fondue sets. But a great honeymoon will give us a great start to the marriage.

Here’s how our gift list works. Click “View Our List” below and just pick the item you’d most like to give us. You’ll then be asked to leave your name and any message you have for us. Then, just click the Send your gift now with PayPal button to make your donation! (You can donate in other ways too, including cash and cheque.)

We’ll try to send you a photo of us enjoying your gift when we return, along with our sincerest thanks. Again, we are very grateful - timing a wedding with a recession was a masterstroke…

(By the way, you can also tell us you’d prefer to pay by cheque or cash through this website. If you want to contribute directly, here are the Bank Account details:
Acc. No. 92562885 , Sort Code 72 50 06.
Also, you don’t have to pay by Paypal to use this website, any card details will work too.)