Stripe PayPal
Uses credit/debit cards. Uses credit/debit cards. Guests can also use a PayPal account of their own if they have one.
Available to couples in 38 different countries. Available to couples everywhere.
Works for guests everywhere. Works globally, but some international guests may need to set up a PayPal account of their own.
Stripe’s fees are 2.9% + $0.30 USD, deducted from the amount you receive. PayPal’s fees are 2.9% + $0.30 USD per transaction, deducted from the amount you receive. Cross-border fees may be higher.
Funds are automatically transferred to your bank account, and arrive in 7 days. Funds are available immediately in your PayPal account, and can be withdrawn to your bank account on demand.
The easiest option to use, for both you and your guests. Gives you the fastest access to your funds.

You can combine Stripe payments with PayPal.Me — an alternative way to transfer funds from one PayPal account to another, that’s usually exempt from PayPal’s processing fees. Find out more.

You don’t have to set up online payments of any kind. When your guests confirm a gift from your honeymoon fund, they’re shown whatever payment instructions you’ve provided. You can set this however you wish, to provide your own details of how your friends and family can send the value of the gifts they’ve reserved.

Some couples simply opt to receive cash or cheques in a card on the day of their wedding, or leave details on making a balance transfer to their bank account. And if you’d like to add an extra level of privacy to your list, we can set up a password for you, free of charge.

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