Thousands of couples globally have used us to help fund their dream honeymoon. Our service means couples can receive meaningful, individual gifts toward their honeymoon expenses, while guests feel that their contributions are special, romantic and personal.

We’re completely independent. We’re not in the business of selling travel packages, and any couple can use our service regardless of who they’ve booked with.

But we’ve found that sometimes travel companies who provide specialist expertise and bespoke support want to be able to also offer a wedding gift list such as ours to their couples as part of their service. With our Partnership Programme, you can provide a first-class honeymoon gift registry as an additional service to your customers — without making any up-front investment or needing any new technical infrastructure.

Simple Economical Easy Personal

Couples get our service for free. You pay a discounted fee on their behalf.

Here’s how it works. We’ll provide you with a unique promotional code to supply to couples who’ve booked their honeymoon travel with you. If they then register with our site using this code, we’ll immediately take them out of our normal free trial and mark their account as paid.

Your branding will be applied whenever the couple sign in to manage their list, and we’ll set up a sample list for you that you can use to demo the site should you wish. Whenever your code is used, we’ll email you with full details so you can verify the account.

Our notification email will also contain a link so you can make payment for the list on the couple’s behalf. We’ll apply a 30% discount to our normal one-off fee.

Gifts are always paid directly to the couple, either online or in person. We don’t ever take a commission from this, and couples have access to their gift funds as soon as they arrive.

Your customers will receive exactly the same great service from us that we provide to all our couples, including full email and phone support for both couples and their guests.

Benefits for you

  • Offer the UK’s best honeymoon gift list to your customers.
  • No upfront investment or recurring fees. Simply pay a low, flat rate per couple.
  • Co-branded management pages, plus a promotional blog post and social media links on your involvement.
  • We’ll set up a sample list for you.

Benefits for your customers

  • All our great features, including personal support for couples and their guests.
  • Couples can include anything on their list, not just basic contributions of cash.
  • Couples can accept gifts right up to their wedding day and beyond.
  • Couples have total flexibility on how their gift funds are spent.

If couples choose to accept online payments from their guests, Stripe, GoCardless or PayPal fees and restrictions apply. Third-party fees for online payment processing are deducted from gifts received.

For Wedding Planners and Professionals

As an alternative to our full partnership programme, you can offer your customers a substantial discount on our service.

We can provide you with your own, unique promotional code to provide to your couples, that’ll get them up to 30% off our normal one-off fee — a larger discount than is generally available through our own advertising. And we’ll email you each time your code is used, so you can keep track of its popularity among your clients.

As with our programme for travel specialists, there’s no fee to join, no ongoing fees of any kind, and no restrictions on the amount your code can be used. We merely ask that you don’t publish the code itself on your web site or social media pages.

It’s a simple, easy way to help your customers save money, through you.

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