We’re the first wedding gift list service to enable guests to pay for their gifts with a one-off Direct Debit.

The Direct Debit system supports and guarantees one-off payments, as well as the normal recurring payments you may be used to.

They’re a safe, convenient and inexpensive way of collecting honeymoon fund payments online, without all the hurdles associated with credit or debit card processing.

GoCardless charge a fee of only 1% per transaction, deducted from the amount you receive.

There’s a minimum fee of 20p per transaction, and a £2.00 cap — so you’ll never pay more than £2.00 in fees for any gift payment.

Guests will need a UK bank account to make payment this way.

You can set up both credit/debit card and GoCardless payments if you wish, to offer your guests a choice on how to pay. If you have guests living overseas, we can geo-target payments so that your guests are steered to the best payment option for where they’re located.

Please note that GoCardless accounts are not available to couples in Jersey and Guernsey.

Direct Debit

It’s easy to set this up.

  1. Just sign into your Buy Our Honeymoon account and go to the Gift Payments section.

  2. Click the Set up your GoCardless account button. We’ll send you to a screen on gocardless.com to create your account and authorise us to manage payments from your list.

  3. You’ll automatically return to buy-our-honeymoon.com and you can immediately start accepting Direct Debit payments for your gifts.

  4. For GoCardless to transfer money to you, you’ll need to provide them with your bank details. We’ll provide you with a link to the verification screens on gocardless.com for you to complete their short form.

    • Choose the standard package and make sure to select Individual/sole trader as your “business type”.
    • Select Service providers for the “Industry” question and Crowdfunding for the “Category”.
    • You can just put wedding gifts via buy-our-honeymoon.com when asked what your business does.
  5. GoCardless are legally required to confirm the identity of people collecting money through their service. To do this, you’ll need to make a transfer of a penny from your bank account to GoCardless’s verification account. GoCardless will provide full details.

Secure and safe.

GoCardless is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority as an Authorised Payment Institution, and they serve more businesses than any other Direct Debit provider. Your guests are fully covered by the Direct Debit guarantee, so in the extremely unlikely event that anything does go wrong with a transaction, they’re entitled to a complete, instant refund.

Although we can monitor the status of gift payments made to you, we cannot access these funds or obtain the details of your bank account.

Payments by Direct Debit take around a week before they reach your bank account.

We’ll notify you immediately when a guest creates a Direct Debit payment for their gifts. The funds will leave your guest’s bank account in four working days, and will be automatically transferred to your bank account two working days later. In the unlikely event that there’s a problem with the payment, we’ll contact you.

At any time, you can log into your Buy Our Honeymoon account to view the status of all gifts, and to see the date and amount of the next payout that’s due.

Check out our other gift payment options.

You can combine gift payments by Direct Debit with Stripe and PayPal.Me — as well as cash on the day of your wedding.

With Buy Our Honeymoon, you have complete freedom to manage your gift payments in whatever way suits you best. We don’t hold your funds, and we don’t charge a commission on the gifts you’re given. Here’s our guide to the different options available.

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