I just wanted to say that your website is incredible. I haven’t ever come across such an easy, user friendly and effective website before. Your response to queries was fast and informative, the website hasn’t failed once, all payments were received without any hitches and most importantly all our guests loved the concept. Our honeymoon was a blast, a lot of which is down to you. I can’t sing your praises enough.

— Beth and Nigel Mallett, Guildford, June 2015

We absolutely love this website, it is worth every penny of the set up fee, and gives so much variety to really personalise your own gift registry. All our guests that used the website commented on its user friendliness and what a great idea it was . Shelley and the team are very quick to reply back to any queries and couldn't be more helpful. I really recommend this to anyone wishing to have a website for their wedding, it works so seamlessly!!

— Kat and Tom Smith, Bristol, July 2016

We can’t recommend Buy Our Honeymoon enough! Our gifts gave our guests giggles and also the chance to treat us whilst away (diving trip, a balloon ride, candlelight suppers, even gin and tonics by the private pool).

If you are looking for a fantastically executed service that will be a breeze to do, bring a smile to your guests faces and also make the honeymoon unforgettable look no further.

Would love to say we would use it again but alas weddings are a once in a lifetime thing as are honeymoons.

— Daniel Wooding and Matthew Turner, West Sussex, May 2015

The site is really, really fantastic and the service you provide is truly outstanding. You have made this such an easy process. … I have to say, we have had such amazing feedback about the site. People really love it! … We really can’t say enough great things about your service. Your attention to detail and your personal responses to all of our inquiries put you on an entirely different level from all of the other honeymoon sites we researched.

— Carolyn and Fernando Bohorquez, New York, USA

Buy Our Honeymoon provided us with a faultless service. A brilliant idea to start off with, the system itself is easy to use, highly flexible, and customisable — our guests thought it was fantastic. All this and superb customer service to boot. We can’t recommend Buy Our Honeymoon highly enough!

— Niki Strange and James Bennett, Brighton

Stop looking elsewhere, this site is perfect. It’s easy to use, easy for guests to use, and the customer service from Shelley is out of this world. It’s also got a brilliant tool that will save your gift history as a spreadsheet to make those dreaded thank you cards easier to write! So very pleased we used it!!

— Emma and Richard Dore-Dennis, Hampshire