What can I add to my honeymoon fund?

Absolutely anything! We’ll start you off with a handful of suggestions, such as room upgrades, car hire and a bottle of champagne — but there are countless different items you could add.

From a romantic meal to a day’s scuba diving, you can cover all of your different honeymoon costs.

You don’t have to have made any of your actual honeymoon arrangements prior to building your wedding list — you can be as general or as specific as you wish. Your guests send you the cash value of their gifts for you to spend on the things they’ve chosen, from whatever ideas you’ve put together.

You get the valuable help towards your honeymoon costs, while your guests get to choose a gift that’s meaningful.

Can we ask guests to pay a contribution towards our travel or accommodation expenses?

Of course! Normally, when a guest reserves an item, it’s marked as unavailable for other guests. But you can allow any items on your list to be reserved by more than one guest, and you can also mix-and-match individual gifts with open contributions.

What about a general honeymoon fund?

You can make your list as detailed or as simple as you’d like. If you wish, you can include just one single open contribution for your honeymoon fund. Your guests can give whatever gift value they choose and leave you a personal, private message. You can also set a target amount that guests can chip away at.

Alternatively you can have no items at all on your list.  This will leave only a gift suggestion box: guests can give you ideas about how they’d like you to spend their gift.

Can you help us put together our wedding list?

We’d be happy to! We’ve had thousands of couples using our service, who’ve had amazing honeymoons to the four corners of the globe — so we’re very likely to be able to find another list that covers your honeymoon destination.

With our free Helping Hand service, we’ll track down, copy over and depersonalise all the items from the very best of these lists to yours. You can then easily work through the suggestions that we’ve added and customise them as you please! If you’d like to find out more, please contact us.

Can we mix honeymoon gifts with traditional household items?

Yes you can! You can include anything you’d like, and receive the money to pay for it — whether it’s a contribution towards your honeymoon or things for your home. Our service makes it easy to create a completely unique wedding gift list to help fund anything you wish.

How can my guests pay for the gifts they’ve bought?

You have complete freedom to manage this in whatever way suits you best.

  • You can allow guests to pay by credit or debit card via Stripe.

  • You can collect payments by Direct Debit straight into your bank account, using GoCardless.

  • You can allow guests to pay by card into your own PayPal account.

  • You can combine Stripe and GoCardless payments with PayPal payments through PayPal.Me.

  • You can ask your guests to bring you cash on the day of your wedding, or to send you a cheque.

  • You can leave instructions on how to make a bank transfer into your own account.

You can mix and match different gift payment methods so that your guests can choose how they’d like to pay, and even target this based on where your guests are located. Compare the options.

We don’t hold your funds, and we don’t charge a commission on the gifts you’re given.

However, if you choose to set up online payments, Stripe, GoCardless or PayPal fees and restrictions apply.

How can we avoid payment processing fees?

You don’t have to set up online payments of any kind. When your guests confirm a gift from your wedding list, they’re shown whatever payment instructions you’ve provided. You can set this however you wish, to provide your own details of how your friends and family can send the value of the gifts they’ve reserved.

Some couples simply opt to receive cash or cheques in a card on the day of their wedding, or leave details on making a balance transfer to their bank account. And if you’d like to add an extra level of privacy to your list, we can set up a password for you, free of charge.

If we use online payments, do our guests have to pay as soon as they reserve a gift?

No, although they normally will. We’ll send them an email message that contains a special link back to the site so that they can pay whenever is most convenient.

How do we know when a guest has reserved a gift?

We’ll send an email notification to both you and your partner, including any message provided for you by your guest. The gift is also recorded on your personal Gift History (available when you sign in).

We’re here to help

If you ever have any queries or need assistance, we’re only an email or phone call away.

Contact us

Are our gifts safe?

Completely. Buy Our Honeymoon acts purely as a wedding list creation and gift reservation service — we don’t collect or hold any money on your behalf, so your gifts are yours from the moment they’re given.

If you decide to set up online payments for your list, your guests will send the value of their gifts directly to you, facilitated by the site. We never hold your funds ourselves, although we’ll do everything we can to make the process as straightforward and seamless as possible for your guests.

Our unique Direct Debit payment system is operated by GoCardless. GoCardless is the UK’s biggest Direct Debit provider, processing more than £3bn worth of transactions per year.

Stripe process billions of payments every year. They’re largely targeted at online businesses rather than individuals, so they’re less well-known than PayPal — but they’re one of the most respected payments infrastructure providers for the internet, trusted by companies like Pinterest, Kickstarter, Twitter, The Guardian, TED, Salesforce and even Amazon for payments processing.

Although we can monitor the status of gift payments made to your account, we cannot access these funds or obtain the details of your bank account.

Who handles our honeymoon travel, accommodation and activities?

It’s entirely up to you! We’re not affiliated to any travel agency, so we don’t ask you to book your honeymoon through us or to use our preferred suppliers for your honeymoon activities. You’re completely free to include whatever you choose on your wedding list.

Do guests have to log in to use our gift list?

No, viewing a wedding list and reserving items on it is incredibly simple and straightforward. To reserve an item, your guests need only provide their name, email address and an optional message. You, of course, can sign in at any time to make changes to your list, or to view your Gift History.

How do our guests find our wedding list?

We’ll give you 70 notification cards for you to send with your invitations, which provide the exact URL of your list so your guests can go straight to your pages.

You can customise these to match the design of your list, and to include your own message.

The cards measure 85mm × 54mm (roughly credit card size). If you’re sending more than 70 invitations, you can add more cards to your order.

Your guests can also search for your wedding list using the panel on our homepage.

Registry card designs

How can our guests who don’t have access to the Internet use our wedding list?

Your guests can telephone us on 0345 224 0189 (international: +44 20 8305 2414) and we’ll be happy to field enquiries on your list for you.

Buy Our Honeymoon gift list pages have been carefully designed to look great when printed, so you can easily post a copy of your list to any of your guests that require it.

We’ll be glad to post out a printed copy of your wedding list to any guests that require one, and to make reservations on your guests’ behalf.

You can include this number on your notification cards if you wish to.

Are there any alternatives to the name “Buy Our Honeymoon” that we could use?

Yes — when you sign up for your free trial, you can choose between nine different URL domains (web addresses) for your honeymoon gift list.

Your guests will only see the site you choose, but you’ll still sign in to buy-our-honeymoon.com to access your wedding list management tools.

If you change your mind later about the domain you’d like to use, that’s OK — just let us know what you’d prefer and we’ll be happy to adjust this for you.

We’d like to personalise our pages — what options do you have?

Buy Our Honeymoon offers the most flexible and creative fund available. Select a gorgeous design theme for your gift list and customise it with your own photos, applying one of our professional filters if you wish. Upload pictures to gift items or choose from our library of more than 850,000 high quality images. Format text with bold and italics, include links, and add, remove and reorder categories for your gifts. You have plenty of room to describe your honeymoon plans and to leave a note thanking your guests for their gifts.

On the practical side, you can add a release date or a guest password to your fund, adjust your gift notification and privacy options, set up different gift payment options for guests in different countries, and apply multiple languages to your registry.

We’re always on hand to assist, and we’ll always do our best to accommodate any special requests.

When should we sign up?

Anytime!* It’s a great idea to sign up for a free, no-obligation 7-day trial to “test drive” the site and see if it’s right for you.

At any point, you can make a single, one-time payment and spend your time leisurely adding items as you think of them during the run up to your wedding. If you’d like to send your invitations before your fund is ready, we can add a release date for you. And if you’d like a helping hand putting your list together, that’s all part of the service.

What happens if we let our trial expire?

Allowing your trial to expire simply means that your wedding list can’t be viewed or edited until payment is made. If you wish, you can let your trial expire, and then at a later date closer to your wedding, sign back in to make payment.

Once you’ve paid, your honeymoon fund will be restored exactly as you left it. All of the work you’ve done will still be there; nothing will be lost.

You can continue to make changes to your list right up to the day of your wedding.

What happens to our pages after our wedding?

Unless you ask us to, we won’t ever delete them. You’ll always be able to access your pages, although no further gift reservations can be made from one month after your wedding, and you’ll no longer be able to make changes to your list. If you’d like this to be extended, we’ll be happy to set that up for you, free of charge.

Your Gift History will be available to you forever.