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Not sure yet of your honeymoon plans?

globetrottingWe’re sometimes asked whether it’s possible to use our honeymoon gift list service if you haven’t worked out a detailed honeymoon itinerary — or even if you’re not yet sure of where you’d like to go. Our answer has always been the same: yes, you absolutely can.

You don’t have to make your registry as full and detailed as our sample wedding lists — you can keep things simple and still offer your guests the opportunity to feel that their gift is meaningful and special, rather than just a contribution of money into a big, anonymous pot. Wherever you go, you’re going to have to travel there, you’re going to have to sleep somewhere, you’ll need to eat, and you’ll need some spending money.

Perhaps you’re not sure whether you’d prefer the Maldives or the Seychelles, but you do know you’d like some time in the sun. Or you’re looking to soak up some culture and romance in a big city, but you’re haven’t decided between New York or Rome. Either way, you can still invest some creativity into your list without having to commit to the specifics. Whether you’re staying in a beach hut or a boutique B&B, there’ll be a first night of your honeymoon, and a last night too. Those can make wonderful, romantic gifts!

What’s more, we give you plenty of space to describe your plans — or to talk about the options you might choose! If you want to, you can invite opinions on what to see and where to stay! We’re the only wedding list service to provide a full introductory page to guide your friends and family through to your list, and the only wedding list service to include an option for your guests to suggest a gift!

A couple of our new default items

Ever since we launched Buy Our Honeymoon back in 2007, we’ve provided a handful of items and categories to start you off when you first sign up for your free trial. You can edit or delete these as you wish — they’re just a way of helping you begin the process of putting your own list together.

We’ve now updated these so they’re good-to-go as a simple, general list for pretty much any destination. There’s a mix of open contributions towards your flights and accommodation, together with a few meals, fun experiences and treats. We’ve included a picture for each item, so you don’t need to find your own, and the items cover a wide range of prices — you could have a perfectly functional honeymoon registry without editing a single item!

And if you’d like some extra ideas for your list, don’t forget about our unique Helping Hand service! With this, we’ll add a lot of items to your list on your behalf, and it’s then super-easy to customise the ones you like, or delete any you don’t.

As always, if you have any queries about our service, or how you can put together the best wedding gift list for your honeymoon, please do get in touch and we’ll be happy to help!