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Extra Currencies

You’ve always been able to list your honeymoon gift list items in one of a range of currencies, and to accept PayPal payments in a different currency.  We simply apply the appropriate currency conversion rate, downloaded each morning from Yahoo! Finance.

Our list of currencies has until now exactly matched the ones supported by PayPal, which meant that although you could list items in the Polish zloty, you couldn’t in the South African rand.

We’ve now changed this, so that we can offer a wider range of currencies for your list, whilst still limiting PayPal payments to a currency which PayPal supports.  By request, we’ve added the South African rand and the Barbadian dollar to our list currencies, and we’ve also removed a handful of  PayPal-supported currencies which hadn’t yet been used.

So, if you use the Barbadian dollar for your list, but accept PayPal payments in US dollars, the value of your list items will be automatically converted at the point your guest clicks the button to visit PayPal and make payment.  This way, not only can you use a wider range of currencies for your list, you also save on PayPal conversion fees.

If you need to use a currency which we haven’t included, please just ask us to add it.