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Some gift stats for 2013

Last year, we posted an update on the average value of gifts received by couples using our service — and now we’re nearing the end of 2013, it seems like a good time to check the stats for this year. Who doesn’t like stats?

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Six features that make Buy Our Honeymoon unique!

If you’re opting for a traditional wedding registry of items for your kitchen and home, the focus is naturally on the stuff your list contains — the items, brands, costs and quantities. But the same rules don’t really apply to a honeymoon gift list. Instead, you’re telling the story of your honeymoon plans, inviting your guests to engage with the romance and personal value of their gifts to you.

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Catching email typos

As regular readers will know, we’re constantly making small improvements to the usability and user experience of our site. Whether it’s making sure your list works perfectly on mobile devices, or making it easier for guests to download and print a gift certificate, this has been a year of relentless spit-and-polish.

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More travel partnerships

You can use our honeymoon gift list service regardless of how you’ve made your travel arrangements — or even if you haven’t firmed up your plans enough to make a booking yet.

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