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Freedom and flexibility

Your honeymoon gift list isn’t like a traditional department store registry of steak knives and salad bowls — you’re describing your hopes and plans for those first few precious weeks together after your wedding.

What makes our site really special is that it is our couples who have helped build it.  We like to think our service is uniquely flexible, and this has come from nearly a decade of listening to you and shaping the site to fit your needs.

This means that you can include absolutely anything you wish on your registry — you’re not limited to a pre-determined catalogue of bland vouchers or standardised ideas. Want to include care for your pets while you’re away? Go for it! Planning a one-of-a-kind adventure? Your guests will love helping you to fund it!

It means that you can shape and sequence your gift list however you please. You can set up any categories you like, and display your gifts in whatever order you want. You can mix single items and open contributions on the same list. You can upload images, add links and formatting, and make your list as detailed — or as simple — as you’d like.

It means that you can make your travel arrangements whenever, and using whatever companies, work best for you. You don’t need to have booked your flights to use our service — you don’t even need to know yet where you’re headed!

From start to finish the process was easy and simple, we were able to choose everything about our page so it could be tailored exactly how we wanted it.

— Luke Broadbent and Amy Jones, York

It means that, unlike many travel agent registries, you can keep your list open for as long as you want, even after your departure. And the value of your gifts is yours to spend as soon as the payment clears: you don’t have to wait for a lump-sum cheque from us.

It means that we have tons of customisation options available for couples that need them. Among other things, you can display items in more than one currency, show multiple languages, set a release date, password-protect your list, and link to your wedding website.

And it means that we’re here to help. If there’s something particular you’d like to achieve, we’re only ever an email or a phone call away. And the same goes for your guests!