We thought Buy Our Honeymoon was a brilliant idea right from the start, but it surpassed our expectations. It was so easy to use, FUN to use, great value for money and our guests really loved the idea and had a great time picking gifts for us. What we hadn’t really thought about was how much more special it would make the honeymoon itself, as each time we did one of our gifts we thought about the people that bought it for us. Can’t recommend it highly enough.

— Karen Dawe and Stuart Down, Bristol

★★★★★ — My fiance and I had just amalgamated our two households and were thinking more along the lines of “what can we take to the charity shop?” than “what would we like people to buy for us?” We thought about asking our guests for cash towards our honeymoon, but it felt a bit awkward. I did a bit of Googling and came up with Buy-Our-Honeymoon.com. It immediately struck as as genius!

Setting up our list was very easy and we had really good fun putting it together and finding gorgeous pictures to upload to represent each item. We had never been to Crete before, so the option to have you populate our list with suggestions was also extremely useful.

Our guests found it easy to use and really seemed to like it. I even went in after we opened our other presents and added them manually, so we could keep our list all in one place.

Our honeymoon was wonderful and made all the more special because of the contributions and input of our friends and families. Not being in the first flush of youth, we really would have chickened out of that Samaria Gorge thing if someone hadn't bought it for us! In the event, we were really pleased and proud that we did it though.

— Review by “JudiandNeal” on reviewcentre.com

Choosing Buy Our Honeymoon as our wedding gift list was a fantastic decision. We enjoyed the fun process of creating our pages and our guests said they really loved the magical and unusual gifts they could choose from. We actually set up a more traditional gift list as well, in case some of our guests were not too happy about contributing to our honeymoon. But as it turns out, only 3 couples (out of at least 100) used this second “traditional” gift list! We would also like to note that the service we received was fast, courteous and efficient. Every change we requested to our web pages was done in the same day. We will definitely be recommending this website to all our engaged friends!

— Natasha Leger and Marcos Theodosiou, France

Absolutely fantastic!! Your response time is incredible and your help was priceless! The website was easy to use and stress free! A huge thank you!

— Katherine Golding and Daniel Gale, Berkshire, UK

I have to say, your site is wonderful. I love how much flexibility your registry gives, both in listing items and in customizing it. I had a registry set up on a different honeymoon registry site, and I just went and deleted it (we hadn’t publicized the registry yet), because I like your registry set up so much more!

— Elaine Swick and David Sims, Arizona, USA

The website was very easy to use and was value for money. We had a lot of fun creating, updating and checking our honeymoon list. We carefully and thoughtfully put together a phenomomal itinerary. As a result, we had an absolutely amazing honeymoon thanks to the generosity of family and friends.

We had all the essentials some newlyweds look for in gifts. This was a perfect and exciting alternative which we could completely control and tailor to our needs.

Many people have commented on and complimented our honeymoon gift list. We felt all of our friends and family were with us on our honeymoon whilst allowing us private time to celebrate. Perfect!

We would highly recommend!

— Rachel and Alan, Essex, UK