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Guest FAQs

We’ve just added another feature to Buy Our Honeymoon that we’re really pleased with: a Frequently Asked Questions section for your wedding guests! This explains how they can pay you, what Buy Our Honeymoon is and how it works, our contact details and where they can find the gift certificate to print off. We believe this will help even the least internet savvy users feel happy and confident about using this service.

I must say that Andrew has been very clever and customised this carefully so that a extra information is displayed if you’ve set up your list to accept payments by PayPal. There are also slight differences between the FAQs depending on whether you’re using our honeymoon registry service in the USA, or our honeymoon gift list service in the UK.

If you’ve got any suggestions for further topics we could add to the guest FAQs, please do get in touch, or leave a comment on this post.