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A Handful of Updates

There’s an assorted selection of delicious morsels we’d like to present for you:

  • We’ve further improved the way we handle gifts of items that you’ve allowed multiple guests to buy for you.  Now, when a guest buys an item, we set a “cookie” on their computer that means they’ll be recognised and remembered the next time they visit the site.  This means that we can grey out the items they’ve already bought from the list if they return to it, saving any confusion.
  • We were delighted to be profiled on Killer Startups last week, and we’re also now listed on the Open Directory Project and Best of the Web.
  • We’ve now set up a Squidoo lens on creating a honeymoon registry with Buy Our Honeymoon, and we’re also on the fantastic new social networking site, Virb.
  • We’ve been working on a new feature that we think some of you are going to love.  We like to offer as much flexibility as we can, and so we now have a couple of alternative domain names that you’ll soon be able to choose between for your list.  This means that, instead of going to buy-our-honeymoon.com, your guests could go to the-gift-of-memories.com or honeymoonpromises.com instead, depending on the mood you’re trying to set with your list.  If you’d like us to switch your list over to either of these two alternative domains, do please get in touch.