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Mexico Honeymoon Cancellations

The BBC has reported that some tour operators are cancelling flights to Mexico from the UK for the next few weeks as a result of the outbreak of swine flu in the area, and the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office is advising against non-essential travel to the region for the time being.

Clearly, this will have a major impact on many couples’ honeymoon plans this spring, and although we hope the situation will be resolved very soon, we know that many of you will be in the difficult position of having to make last-minute alternative arrangements.

It’s worth remembering that your guests have bought you gifts because they want you to have a fantastic time.  If you need to change your plans, no-one will mind that their gift of a parasailing experience off the coast of Cancun is spent on something else, as long as you’re safe and happy.

Nonetheless, if you’d like us to help you make adjustments to your honeymoon gift list as a result of the current situation, we’ll be happy to help in any way we can, free of charge.  Do please contact us.