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Faster notifications

StopwatchWe’ve made a small change to the way we send out notification emails for gifts reserved on your honeymoon registry.

Since last September, we’ve delayed sending these emails for an hour, so that guests have an opportunity to cancel any gifts that had been reserved by mistake. This has proved to be a very useful system, but once a guest has made successful payment for a gift into your PayPal account, there’s no good reason to delay the notification emails to both you and your guests — so we now send them as soon as we get the transaction details from PayPal.

We also now include the PayPal transaction details in our email to you, so you have a record of these independently of the Gift History page in your Buy Our Honeymoon account.  Similarly, if a guest indicates that they intend to pay for a gift by cash or cheque, we’ll send notification to you right away, and indicate their intent in the message.

Of course, if you’ve chosen to keep your wedding gifts a surprise, we’ll only send an email to your guest, confirming the details of their gift.

If you have any queries regarding this, or your honeymoon gift list in general, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, or to leave a comment below.