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Gift notifications for guests

Here at Buy Our Honeymoon, we’re endlessly searching for ways to make sure the experience of reserving gifts from your wedding list is as smooth and enjoyable for your guests as possible. Every week, thousands of gifts are made through the site without a hitch, but we’re still always on the lookout for anything that might be confusing or difficult, and then trying to make it easier.

It’s great how people become really involved in choosing their gifts from a couple’s honeymoon registry. Instead of a bland decision between different assortments of silverware, guests are able to give very personal, meaningful presents. So, occasionally, a guest will reserve a gift through the site, and then right away notice something else they’d much prefer to give instead!

The notification emails sent to you when you receive a gift through the site have always been delayed by an hour, so that guests can contact us if they’ve reserved a gift in error or wish to change their mind. But we’ve now improved this by offering a simple way to cancel a gift as soon as it’s made, directly through the site.

Previously, the site would send a confirmation email to a guest immediately when a gift was reserved, but we’re now introducing an hour’s delay to this as well.  This means that guests won’t get a misleading email confirmation for a gift they’ve cancelled.

It also means that we can note in the email whether or not we’ve received confirmation of a successful payment for the gift. Often, guests click through to pay the value of their gift straight into your PayPal account as soon as they reserve their gift — but because we’d already sent the email, we couldn’t acknowledge this.

We hope that these changes help to further clarify the gift confirmation messages shown to guests.  We also have additional improvements to the Gift Review screen in the works for later this year — watch this space or follow us on Twitter for all the latest developments!