I have just received a wedding invite for a friend's wedding with a link to her honeymoon wishlist with [someone else]. It is not a patch on your website. We used buy-our-honeymoon for our honeymoon wishlist in 2010, and I have just gone back into it to view it and it has brought back all the fantastic memories of the honeymoon all over again - 6 years (and 2 kids) later!! Love, love, love that your site is so easy to use, can be totally personalised plus you can view your gifts and page forever more!! If only my friend had asked my advice before plumping for the boring [other] wishlist, I would 100% have recommended your site! Thanks again for a great experience and for the memories forevermore at the click of a mouse!

— Stephanie and Cameron Duncan, Dundee, UK

★★★★★ — Buy Our Honeymoon is FANTASTIC. So easy to use, staff so helpful when we needed to make contact. I can’t rave about it enough to be honest. All our guests commented on what a wonderful site it was. Just use it.

— Review by Emma Logan on reviewcentre.com

We were absolutely delighted with the “Buy Our Honeymoon” website. Everything was so straightforward to set up (even for not particularly techy people like me!) and the end result looked great for our friends / family. So many of them commented on how easy the website was to use and what a great idea it was. It’s lovely to be able to personalise everything, both with pictures and all the text.

I would (and will!) thoroughly recommend the website to anyone who’s looking to have a “honeymoon list”. It felt so much nicer than just asking for money too, as people really felt they were buying you something specific.

I contacted the company a couple of times and the people I spoke to were so helpful and answered my queries quickly.

We chose to have the payment options of one off Direct Debit (1% fee) or direct payment (no fee), feeling that the larger fees for credit cards / PayPal payments were more than we wanted to pay. These two options were absolutely fine though.

Even the little cards that were sent to us with details of the website login/ password (for us to send to friends / family) had a Las Vegas picture as one of the options to choose from — that was the last stop on our honeymoon, so was the perfect choice!

Overall, we couldn't have been happier, so thank you!!! Oh, and the honeymoon was fantastic :-)

— Jo and Marcus, Middlesex, UK

Thank you for an absolutely awesome service and a fantastic idea. We always wanted money for our honeymoon but had no idea how to ask for it. Buy Our Honeymoon provided that answer, and more. Our guests were fascinated by the concept and we certainly had a memorable honeymoon. We even have enough funds left to go back to Paris in August for a mini honeymoon to do all of the things we didn’t manage last time!! We enjoyed making up our list and enjoyed knowing that everything we did on honeymoon was been selected for us by our friends and was been chosen with as much care and love than if they were shopping for the more conventional wedding list. If anything, we found our ‘gifts’ to be more personal to us than anything material we could have asked for.

— Elizabeth and Matt Bryant, Kent

Thank you so much for making this such an easy process to set up and manage. We can't recommend your service highly enough and would encourage anyone to use it. Initially we felt we were being cheeky asking our friends and family to "buy our honeymoon" however not only did it make our honeymoon truly fabulous but it also made buying a wedding gift incredibly easy for everyone. No worrying about the right gift, spending valuable time trying to find it or wrap it. Our guests loved the idea.

— Sarah and Trish, Glasgow, UK

We have used your service and thought it fantastic — we couldn’t fault the website in any way. It’s a great concept that gave us the chance to use your design skills, but maintain total autonomy when it came to cash.

— Katie Bowman and Mike Chamberlain, London