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The new Gift History

Back in April, we launched a new feature where your guests could easily and simply mark their gifts to you as paid once they’d visited PayPal. We’ve been very pleased with how this has turned out — guests almost always click the button to let us know they’ve paid, which means we’re able to help you keep track of the gifts you’ve been given that much better.

To reflect this, we’ve made some improvements to your Gift History screen, available when you log into your account. Your gifts are all still listed, with the most recent gifts at the top, and each gift still shows the name of the item and the message left for you by your guest. But we’ve made the date the gift was made, the name and email address of the guest, and the gift value, a great deal clearer and easier to find, and we also now show an indication of the payment status of that gift.

Gifts that have already been paid using PayPal show the PayPal transaction ID. Gifts where we don’t have payment confirmation are shown as pending, and you can mark these as paid directly on this screen if you’ve already received payment by any method.

Guests can also now indicate that they plan to give you the value of their gift by cash or cheque, and this too is shown on the new Gift History. Similarly, if you haven’t chosen to enable PayPal on your list, your gifts will also show that payment will be made by cash or cheque.

We think this makes the Gift History even more useful. And don’t forget, you can refer back to your Gift History at any time, even after your registry has expired.

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