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Easter Eggs

Little secret features or messages in apps, movies and games are often known as Easter Eggs — try searching Google for “askew” or asking Siri to beatbox for you.

While we don’t really have any Easter Eggs quite like that, there are a few hidden features on Buy Our Honeymoon that might be very useful for some couples. So, we thought it might be a good time to round them up!

Hidden items

Back in 2014, a couple got in touch with us to say that they’d added a lot of individual items to their list, with the intention of only showing some as others got reserved — so instead of showing every item and greying-out the ones that had been bought, they’d curate their list regularly to always show a selected handful of available items.

We wanted to help support this if we could, but we definitely didn’t want to overload the management area for list items with another switch only a small handful of couples would ever likely want to use.

Here’s the solution we came up with: if you create a category for your list called Hidden items, any gifts you put there won’t be shown to guests viewing your list. Then, if you want to make an item visible, simply edit it to move it to a different category and guests will be able to see it. Equally, moving items that have been reserved into the Hidden items category will remove them from view.

Duplicate gifts

On Buy Our Honeymoon, you can allow any of the gifts on your registry to be reserved an unlimited number of times, perhaps to receive contributions towards the cost of your flights or accommodation.

Normally, though, when a person reserves an item like this, we nonetheless fade out that item for them, so it’s clear they’ve already reserved it, and so that they don’t accidentally reserve the item a second time. Other guests still see the gift as available.

But what if you want the same person to be able to reserve the exact same gift more than once?

One of our couples had a guest who wanted to be able to make a series of weekly donations towards an item on their list, so we implemented a switch to allow this. Contact us if you think this would be useful for your guests, too.

Solo lists

We’re occasionally asked if it’s possible to use our service for something other than a wedding gift list — for a gap-year travel fund, or as a golden anniversary present.

We’re dedicated to providing the best service we can for couples getting married, and every decision we make is informed by that.  But, yes, it’s certainly possible. In fact, it works really well.

A fundamental part of our site, though, is that we talk about a couple, and we treat each partner as equal participants in the process. If you’re funding a graduation present, though, you’re probably going solo.

It’s no problem to set up your list for this — just drop us a line and we’ll make the necessary arrangements.

GIFs in your descriptions

With Buy Our Honeymoon, you can easily add simple links and formatting to your gift descriptions and other texts. It’s one of the things that makes us the most flexible and creative honeymoon registry service available.

Here’s a hidden feature, though: you can use the same system to add GIFs too.  Just find one on Giphy or a similar service and then right-click over the image so you can copy the image URL. Then, paste that into your text with an exclamation mark on each side, like this:


And here’s the result:

Jetski around the island

Anonymous gift notifications

If you want to keep your gifts a surprise until your wedding day, there’s an option when you sign in to your account to switch off gift notification emails.  We also have an option to add a third-party email address to whom notifications would be sent. The idea here is that if you’ve asked guests to send the value of their gifts directly to a personal travel agent or honeymoon co-ordinator, it might be useful for that person to be kept informed of the reservations made from your list.

These third-party notification emails now omit the guest’s name and personal message, and they’re sent even if you’ve switched off the normal notifications to yourselves.

So what if you’d like to know what’s been bought from your list (and when you can expect gift payments to hit your account), but not who’s bought it, nor their personal message — until, that is, you’re ready to see your entire gift history?

It’s simple! Just turn off the normal gift notifications, but set the third-party notifications to go to yourself.


We’re constantly making small adjustments and improvements to our service, to try to provide the best wedding gift list we possibly can. If you have any suggestions for features you’d like to see, or changes you’d like us to make, please do contact us!