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Super-Generous Guests

Today we introduced an update to Buy Our Honeymoon, that we think will make things much easier for your guests.

We had a phone call recently from a lady who’d been incredibly generous in her gifts to one of our customers, and who wanted to know if there was any way she could make a single PayPal payment for the various gifts she’d reserved from the list, rather than paying for each one separately.

Although it’s mostly the case that guests buy the single gift that appeals to them most, and that best suits their budget, quite often people will supplement a main gift with something else from the list.

If you’ve asked your guests to bring cash or cheques to your wedding, as we did ourselves, then it’s very easy for your guests to combine several gifts into one — but guests paying by PayPal would have had to make an individual payment for each individual gift.

So, we’ve worked hard on improving this, and we think we’ve managed to solve a surprisingly difficult problem in a really simple way.

Now, instead of visiting PayPal for each gift, guests can view a new Payment Review page, which summarises everything they’ve reserved from your list. If they’re happy with this, they can then move on to PayPal, and send you the total value of their gifts in a single payment.

Your PayPal account history will now include the names of your guests as entered with their gift reservations instead of the titles of each item.

If you have any queries or comments, as always, please do get in touch.