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Revisiting PayPal.Me

We’ve now enabled full support for gift payments through PayPal.Me, an alternative way to send and receive money in your PayPal account that’s usually exempt from PayPal’s normal processing fees.

The PayPal.Me service is intended as a simple way to transfer funds from one person’s PayPal account to another. For guests to make gift payments to you, they’ll need to already have a PayPal account, or to create one as part of the transaction.

With standard PayPal payments, we’re able to automatically track successful transactions and mark gifts accordingly. With PayPal.Me, this isn’t possible — though we do keep a note of whether your guest has clicked through to make payment, so you’ll know whether to check your account for funds.  You can then mark gifts as paid in your Gift History, or send a reminder.

Payments made using PayPal.Me are usually free — but there are exceptions. Cross-border payments are subject to PayPal’s normal fees, as are payments where a guest indicates that they’d like their transaction to be covered by PayPal’s buyer protection for goods and services.

Also, if a guest chooses to fund a PayPal.Me payment through a credit card (rather than a debit card, bank account or PayPal balance), they’ll be charged a processing fee.

For these reasons, we think PayPal.Me can be a great option for couples who have also set up payments through Stripe or GoCardless. Any of your guests who already have a PayPal account can use it to make a convenient and quick payment for their gifts, while your other guests can use the simple and easy card or Direct Debit options for theirs.

We’ve made gift payments through PayPal.Me one of our many free extra services, so that we can help you set things up. If you’d like to add this to your honeymoon fund, simply contact us at any time.