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Your custom web address

When you sign up for your free trial, you can choose from a selection of URL domains for your wedding gift list. The rest of the web address is then created automatically from your surnames.

We occasionally get requests from couples who’d like to be able to change this to something more personal. We’re delighted to announce that this is now possible — you can now change the address of your pages to anything that hasn’t yet been used by another couple.

For example, instead of honeymoonpromises.com/smith.jones.16 you could have honeymoonpromises.com/danielandkate. To set this up, just contact us to let us know what you’d prefer for your own list.

To be valid, your new web address is limited to any combination of letters, numbers, dots and hyphens.  Your original URL will continue to work, so if you’ve already announced your registry, you can still customise your address.

We’re always open to requests for new features and, as always, if you have any queries, please leave a comment on this post, or contact us directly.