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compassWe offer a wide choice of web addresses for your honeymoon gift list — instead of buy-our-honeymoon.com, your guests could visit our-honeymoon-registry.com or our-wedding-list.co.uk.

Your list pages and the emails we send to guests confirming their gifts are all consistently branded according to the domain you choose. This means your guests don’t ever need to see the words “Buy Our Honeymoon” unless you’d like them to!

We’ve now been able to add a new option to this list: ourdreamhoneymoon.com. In 2008, we began to offer our-dream-honeymoon.co.uk to our customers here in the UK, and it’s consistently been the most popular choice since then — so we’re really pleased to have a similar option now available to our international customers too.

To use ourdreamhoneymoon.com for your own registry, just choose it from the list of options when you sign up for your free trial. You’ll still log in to buy-our-honeymoon.com to make changes to your pages, or to view your gift history.

If you’ve already signed up and would like to switch your list over to this, or any of the other domains we offer, please just get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to arrange that for you.