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Paradise and Road Trip

Last week, we asked which of our honeymoon gift list themes we should next adapt for you to be able to customise with your own photos.  Many thanks to all of you that responded!

The results were pretty clear, with Paradise taking an early and decisive lead.  So, we’ve pulled out the stops and we’re very happy to announce that you can now customise Paradise too!

The vote also showed strong support for California Dreaming and Road Trip.  We’ve got plans for California Dreaming — watch this space! — but we’ve also now adapted Road Trip.  We’ll continue to work on adapting the other themes, and if you haven’t yet cast your vote, there’s still time!

We’re really pleased with how the adaptations have turned out.  Road Trip and Paradise were the first two themes we put together for Buy Our Honeymoon, and the customised versions might even look a bit better than the originals.  Perhaps we’ll adjust the standard versions to match!  If you have an opinion on this, we’d love to hear it.