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Customising themes for different destinations

One of our aims in our recent launch of customisable themes on Buy Our Honeymoon was to make each design more versatile for different destinations and types of honeymoon.  We’ve just added a couple of new sample lists to the site that we think really illustrate this.

Nat and Joe’s Perfect Manhattan uses our Vegas, Baby! theme for a Christmas honeymoon in New York:


By uploading images of the Statue of Liberty and Times Square, all trace of Las Vegas vanishes from the design, leaving the bright lights of the Big Apple to shine through!

Similarly, our Misty Peaks theme was originally designed with wintery, snow-dusted honeymoons in mind. But customising the images for Christine and Jules’ 4th July Extravaganza transforms it into the backdrop for a two-week summer honeymoon on the shores of Lake Tahoe:


All our themes can now be customised with your own images in this way — so the beach sunshine of Paradise could be adapted for a luxury cruise, the vintage Americana of Road Trip could be adapted into the heat and passion of Brazil, or the Mediterranean vinyards of Scrapbook could become the lush forests of New Zealand.

If you have any queries on how to customise your honeymoon gift list please just get in touch and we’ll do our best to help!