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Download your Gift History to Excel

excelWe’ve recently had a couple of requests to be able to download your Gift History to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, and we agree that this would be a useful addition to the site to help you manage your thank-you cards and messages.

So now, once you’ve received any gifts on your honeymoon wedding list, if you log in and click through to the Gift History tab, there’s a link at the foot of the page to do precisely this.

If you have a copy of Excel, or any other spreadsheet application that can open Excel documents, you can download an updated version of this file as often as you like.

This allows you to sort and filter your gifts by any criteria you choose — for example, you could view only the gifts where you haven’t yet received payment, sorted by your guests’ email addresses.

It’s a small new feature, but one of many we have lined up as we approach the New Year.  We hope you find it useful!