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Lots of small updates

We’ve got some great things cooking for the rest of the year, but we’re always making small improvements and little changes to Buy Our Honeymoon in response to customer feedback and enquiries from guests.

  • We’ve added Argentine pesos, Colombian pesos, Bahraini dinars and Icelandic króna to the set of display currencies you can use for your honeymoon registry.  Because PayPal don’t keep account balances in any of these currencies, you can’t use them to collect your actual gifts — but you can list your registry items in any of the 24 currencies we support, and we’ll automatically convert your gifts to your PayPal currency using exchange rates refreshed every day.
  • For customers who choose not to use PayPal to collect the value of your gifts, the button to move through to the screen showing your payment instructions and thank-you text now says How to pay instead of Review your gifts.  We found that, very occasionally, guests found the previous wording confusing.
  • Since late April, any links you add to your wedding list intro texts, payment instructions or item descriptions will now open in a new window.
  • We’ve improved the search on our homepage to better recognise when a guest enters both surnames or the registry URL by mistake.
  • In May, we improved the accuracy of the visitor counts for your registry pages in your Gift History.
  • We’ve improved the way all our design themes handle really long category names, and our Parchment and Lace theme is now more robust in older versions of Internet Explorer.
  • Finally, your honeymoon registry will now respond a little more intelligently when it looks like you’ve made a test reservation for yourself.

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