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Wedding list, cash, or honeymoon vouchers?

Decisions, decisionsEarlier this week, Wedding Magazine published the results of its latest annual reader survey, revealing that nearly half of respondents would prefer cash wedding gifts. As the UK’s top honeymoon fund website, we’re not at all surprised by this!

But of course, the details behind the headline get even more interesting:

…forty-five per cent prefer their guests to give them money as opposed to 29 per cent wanting gifts from a wedding list and the same figure (27%) opting for vouchers for a honeymoon

We’re all three options simultaneously! Buy Our Honeymoon is a wedding list service where you get cash gifts to spend on your honeymoon.

We don’t provide vouchers as such (though our guest Gift Certificates arguably come close) — but we’re genuinely unsure how our customers would respond to this question. Do let us know in the comments, or on our Facebook page!

Building a honeymoon wedding list, detailing activities, experiences and upgrades to help make your holiday the trip of a lifetime, helps your guests to better engage with your wishes. Guests like to feel that their gifts are contributing something tangible to your happiness as a couple, and don’t want their affection for you to be measured only financially. Even the most sceptical guests can become spellbound by the romance of a personal, detailed honeymoon gift list, and feel reassured that they’re giving you a really special treat instead of merely contributing to an anonymous pot of cash.

When we built Buy Our Honeymoon five years ago for our own wedding, we found that our friends and family became part of our honeymoon in ways we could never have expected, bringing a part of their own personality and their unique relationship with us into the gifts they reserved.

For ideas on how to ask for honeymoon money in a romantic, polite, and creative way, take a look at our sample honeymoon gift lists — and don’t forget to check out our top tips on how to make the most of your honeymoon wishlist.