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Contributions towards a target — an update

Back in August, we added a new way to break down the total cost of a gift: open contributions with a target value.

It’s really an alternative to our option to split the overall cost of an item into a number of equal guest-sized chunks — 3 gifts of £60 each, for example. Instead, you can show the total cost, and guests can contribute as much or as little as they please until your target is reached.

Piggy bank

So let’s say you’re going to Italy, and you’d like to add car hire to your honeymoon registry. You know that the cost of this is going to be £500. One option would be to divide it into 10 gifts of £50 each — or now, you could set it to open contributions with a target of £500.

Your guests would be able to contribute any amount of their choice towards this, and once the total value of gifts reaches the target, the item gets marked as unavailable.

Car hire (£420 remaining of total £500 cost)

We initially made this an opt-in system for couples who wanted to try it out, partly because we were still working on the best way to integrate the option into the system for setting up your registry.

But now it’s available to everyone as standard.

Like all the best ideas, the solution we’ve come up with seems completely obvious in hindsight: on any item, just select that you’d like open contributions, and then enter a target cost in the box that appears. It’s really that simple!

With Buy Our Honeymoon, you’re free to mix-and-match different kinds of gift all in the same list.  You can have single items and open contributions, multiple gifts of the same value, and now contributions towards a target value.

It’s an unparalleled level of flexibility — but the thing that we’re most proud of is that we’ve managed to keep it really easy for you to set up, and incredibly simple for your guests to use.

And of course, if you do have any queries about making the most of the different options we provide, we’re always happy to help.