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Contributions towards a target cost

Buy Our Honeymoon offers the most flexible way to manage your gift values — you can mix-and-match different types of gift, and include priced gifts right alongside open contributions.

Some items you might have as single gifts that are marked as unavailable as soon as they’re bought. Restaurant meals and show tickets work well like this — once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Others, you might keep available for anyone that would like to buy them. For example, $10 of casino chips, or a margarita by the pool.

Or, you could divide a more expensive gift into a set number of guest-sized chunks, so that a few different people can each contribute. Maybe split up your hotel stay into one gift for each night?

As for your flights, that’s a big cost — but any contribution towards it would be an amazing way to help make your honeymoon happen.

We make it uniquely easy to combine all these different types of gift on the same wedding list.  And we’re now adding another option: contributions towards a target total cost.

Piggy bank with a target

One of our couples recently got in touch to ask if there was any way for them to list a handful of larger items such that a particularly generous guest would be able to buy the whole gift outright, but other guests would be able to make an open contribution towards the overall value.

Our option to split a gift into guest-sized chunks would work here — a £150 item divided into 3 gifts of £50 each. With this, once all three gifts were bought, the item would be marked as unavailable — and a single guest would be able to buy all three gifts in one go, if they chose to.

But we wanted to make this even more flexible, to allow you to focus on the total value you’re hoping for. So we got to wondering if there could be a difference between 3 gifts of £50 each, and 150 gifts of £1 each. And we came up with a solution along those lines.

We’ve now added a way to have certain items show as a total cost instead of a set number of gifts.

It works like an open contribution, that’s automatically marked as unavailable when donations reach a certain amount.

Total cost: £150

Before any contributions have been made, the option to buy the whole item outright is much more visible. As soon as anyone makes a contribution, though, the focus shifts slightly onto the amount remaining:

£110 remaining of total £150 cost

We think this will be really useful for certain types of gift, and complements our wide range of other options very nicely.

We’re still working on the best way to integrate this option into our system for setting up your registry. But in the meantime, we don’t want to prevent anyone who’d like to use this from doing so.

So for now, this sits behind a setting we can apply to your list if you’d like to take advantage of this new option.

If you’d like to be able to include items like this on your registry, please get in touch and let us know We’ll set it up for you and let you know how you can apply it to the items you choose.