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The great honeymoon fund debate

Over the past few days, there’s been a flurry of stories in the UK press about the etiquette of having a honeymoon fund instead of traditional gifts. Is it OK to crowdfund a honeymoon?

Having been the UK’s top honeymoon gift list service for more than ten years, this is something we like to think we know a little about.

We originally created Buy Our Honeymoon for our own wedding. We’d lived together for a while, and the traditional wedding gift list of kitchenware and linens simply didn’t make sense for us.

We felt that the best gift we could receive would be help towards making our dream honeymoon a reality, but we didn’t want to just ask for cash. We didn’t want people to think about their gift only in terms of the amount they’d spent. There had to be a way of making it more meaningful.

So we set about making a detailed gift list of all the places we wanted to go, and the things we might do when we got there. Someone might like to buy us show tickets, someone else an upgrade to our rental car. Our gift list became quirky, fun and exciting. And our guests loved it!

This is what our service is all about. On the one hand, you’ve got the practical reality that the traditional wedding registry isn’t a good fit for all couples, while on the other, you’ve got the fact that your guests will still want to give you a present that’s valued and meaningful.

Our honeymoon gift list service means you’re doing more than simply crowdfunding your honeymoon. It’s not a donation bucket and it’s not just asking for money. It’s more tactful, more tangible and more romantic.

It’s the wedding gift list for the honeymoon of your dreams.