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The Top 5 theme customisations (so far)

Since we launched our customisable themes earlier this year, we’ve been fascinated to see the different photos you’ve uploaded, and the ways you’ve found to make our designs all your own.

A great many of the images you’ve used have been incredibly beautiful, or really creative, or both — so we thought it might be nice to show some of them off. Of course, we don’t have room to highlight all the fantastic images and pages our customers have put together — and we love many more than we can show! — but here are five of the very best.


In one of the very first customisations made on the site, Craig and Maggie have found the perfect image of Paris to use with our Parchment and Lace theme.


Most of our customers like to use a photo of themselves on their honeymoon gift list, but we just love Christine and Kyle’s take on this!


The lighting and colour in this photo, used with our Misty Peaks theme, is simply outstanding.


And this photo is so appropriate for our Safari theme, I’m almost sorry we didn’t make the default image just like it!


Lastly, whilst a few couples have noticed that black-and-while images look great in our Flowerpower theme, we couldn’t resist this piggy bank with a “honeymoon” label.

As always, if you’ve got any queries about making your honeymoon registry pages as awesome as these examples, please do get in touch!