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5 fab services found on Twitter

twitterWe’ve been enjoying the Twitter machine for a few months now — it’s great to be able to connect with customers and to keep everyone up-to-date with announcements and developments to the site.  If you don’t already, you should follow us on Twitter here.

It’s also fascinating to chat with other wedding vendors, and to discover new companies offering wedding and travel services that we might not have heard of otherwise.  So, since it’s a Follow Friday, we thought we should do our bit to help raise the profile of some of the most unusual of these.

BrideTide — @bridetide, www.bridetide.com

Prolific and consistentlty interesting on Twitter itself, BrideTide is a dedicated wedding news portal in the mould of Digg or Reddit, collecting together the best wedding blog posts, tips, trends and advice from around the web. Free to join, BrideTide users can vote and comment on all stories and contribute their own links and discussion topics.

Wedcycle — @wedcycle, www.wedcycle.com

A brand new site currently offering free membership, Wedcycle lets you pass on items from your wedding such as tealights, table centrepieces, flowerpots and so on.  Rather than letting these gather dust in the attic, you could list them on Wedcycle for other couples to collect and use in their own weddings!

ooh.com — @oohdotcom, www.ooh.com

A great way to research and book activities for your honeymoon, ooh.com lists fresh events, tours, and experiences. Activities are added to the site by independent individuals and companies, who offer a huge variety of things you’d normally never hear about, in locations all over the world.

Wish Lanterns — @wishlantern, www.weddingwishlanterns.co.uk

Beautiful and safe, wedding sky lanterns are a more peaceful alternative to fireworks, traditionally used in Asia and available from Wish Lantern in the UK and USA. The lanterns symbolise the release of your worries and problems, and people have the option of writing a wish on a little tag and attaching it to the lantern for the bride and groom to send up into the skies.

Creative Custom Card Boxes — @cardboxdiva, www.creativecustomcardboxes.com

With many of our customers opting to receive the value of their honeymoon gifts in a card on the day of their wedding, how could we resist Marni Gold’s handmade, bespoke card boxes? Each box is unique, completely personalized to match your wedding, and a great way to keep your wedding cards safe long after your big day.  Shipping is free within the USA, and available worldwide.

And of course, that’s just scratching the surface, without even mentioning great wedding blogs like @rocknrollbride, handmade stationery artists such as @weddingpara, or brilliant wedding photographers like @bigbouquet.

Do you have any recommendations of other fab wedding and travel services to follow? Let us know in the comments, or of course, by sending us a message @buyourhoneymoon.