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8 brilliant wedding blogs to follow

One of the joys of living deep in the world of weddings is being able to re-live the process of planning our own wedding, vicariously. Not only are we constantly blown away by how so many of our customers describe incredible, once-in-a-lifetime trips through their honeymoon registries, but we get to enjoy keeping up with the state of the industry through Twitter and a host of amazing wedding blogs.

So we thought it might be fun to talk about a few of the very best of these that we’ve found!

Real Honeymoons — @realhoneymoons, www.realhoneymoons.com

Each post on this stylish and growing blog is dedicated to a full description of a real couple’s honeymoon, providing first-hand accounts of the best places to stay, experiences and attractions to visit, and details of adventures for couples travelling worldwide. We totally share their belief that:

Whether you’re looking for two weeks of doing nothing on a Tahitian beach or hardcore hikes through the Amazonian jungle, your honeymoon should be the most fun, most romantic and most memorable trip you’ll ever take.

And they’re actively looking for couples like you to share your experiences. If you’d like your honeymoon to be featured, visit the realhoneymoons.com site and contact Allyson and Tim!

Rock n Roll Bride — @rocknrollbride, www.rocknrollbride.com

Sassy, prolific, and with an incredible eye for detail, Kat serves up a bright assortment of the best wedding photography, fashion and inspiration for couples looking to leave their individual mark on their wedding day. If vintage, quirky, punk or retro describe your wedding plans, you’ve come to the right place.

The Broke-Ass Bride — @brokeassbride, www.thebrokeassbride.com

Subtitled “Bad-Ass Inspiration on a Broke-Ass Budget”, and featuring the Fresh Hubby of LA, this blog delivers practical, savvy advice on achieving a wedding that neither breaks the bank nor compromises your spirit. It’s not about how much you spend, it’s how you spend it!

Staggered — @iamstaggered, www.iamstaggered.com

The UK’s leading online wedding magazine for men, Staggered knows that it’s not just brides who want to participate in planning the big day. Featuring advice and guidance on proposals, suits, stag dos, speeches and honeymoons, Staggered is witty, honest, and likely to gore us with those antlers.

The Bowie Bride — @bowiebride, www.bowiebride.com

I’ve resisted using the word “attitude” for anything else here because Britt, the Bowie Bride, has more attitude than Mr T in a plane full of bees. Charting her progress towards the aisle with truly refreshing, and sometimes brutal honesty, this blog is for couples unafraid to fly the freak flag.

So You’re EnGAYged — @soyoureengayged, www.soyoureengayged.com

We posted before about how thrilled we were to have been accepted onto So You’re EnGAYged’s list of pro-gay wedding vendors, but in addition to their invaluable directory, the site is also an active blog featuring the voices of a range of different authors together with news on the progress of gay weddings across the US and the stories of real gay couples around the world.

London Bride — @london_bride, charleybeard.blogspot.com

Since we’re based in London ourselves, how could we resist this celebration of all things stylish for weddings in the capital? Glamour and sophistication are the order of the day here.

Offbeat Bride — @offbeatbride, www.offbeatbride.com

The mama of them all, Offbeat Bride believes that your wedding should be an expression of your identity as a couple, without judgment or competition. The site is authentic, encouraging and insightful. Recommended for all.

Who have we missed? Do you have any recommendations of other fab wedding blogs? Let us know in the comments, or send us a message on Twitter.