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8 more amazing wedding blogs to follow

Earlier in the year, we posted a roundup of 8 brilliant wedding blogs to follow, and it’s high time we brought you the sequel. Here’s a further selection of outstanding blogs and online resources we’ve found in our travels around the web, looking for information and trends to help us bring you the best wedding gift list service we possibly can.

The Honeymoon Project — @thehoneymoonpro, thehoneymoonproject.com

Brought to you by Emma Gibbs, a travel writer for Rough Guides and Travel Intelligence, The Honeymoon Project is a fantastic resource for planning all aspects of your honeymoon — from choosing your destination to honeymoon perks and much more. Where to go, when to book, what to pack, how to get there, and what to eat. This site is comprehensive, regularly updated, and totally essential.

Honeymoons Blog — @honeymoonsblog, www.honeymoonsblog.com

Also focussed exclusively on honeymoon destinations, advice and ideas, Sarah Jenson’s Honeymoons Blog is a treasure-trove of information and guidance. Including recommendations on honeymoon activities and tips on how to prepare for your journey, the blog also aims to help you answer the big question: what kind of honeymoon is right for us?

Budget Savvy Bride — @budgetbride, budgetsavvybride.co.uk

Full of ideas and suggestions on wedding bargains, offers and discounts, Budget Savvy Bride is your guide to getting the most out of every penny you spend on your big day. With an accompanying email newsletter, the blog regularly features deals on bridal fashion, accessories, hen and stag activities and honeymoons. Don’t miss Fiona’s guide to setting your wedding budget, and her recent review of our honeymoon gift list service!

English Wedding — @english_wedding, english-wedding.com

Offering both fabulous real wedding photoshoots and expert insight into the wedding industry from a supplier’s perspective, English Wedding is a celebration of everything that’s great and gorgeous about weddings this side of the pond, and firmly opposed to the old-fashioned practices that hold the industry back.

Updated and nurtured by Claire, whose own wedding calligraphy business informs her perspective as a wedding supplier, English Wedding is the home of the Ethical Wedding Suppier pledge, and recently featured a guest post from us on the variety of wedding list services available in the UK.

The Wedding Chicks — @weddingchicks, www.weddingchicks.com

Showcasing real weddings with beautiful photography, hand-picked vendor recommendations, and everything fab and funky in American weddings, The Wedding Chicks also includes free DIY projects and templates, and their own range of t-shirts and tote bags! Vibrant, comprehensive and inspirational — and kind enough to describe our service as “pretty much the best registry ever” — we’re proud to have been a blog sponsor earlier this year.

OMG I’m Getting Married — @omgimmarried, www.omgimgettingmarried.com

Inspiration, fashion and amazing photoshoots cooked up in our London hometown, OMG stands out among the UK’s top wedding blogs. It’s smart, impeccably designed, and unmissable. What’s more, an interview with OMG’s Alexis was just recently published on the Channel 4 website — what better recommendation could you need?

A Practical Wedding — @practicalwed, www.apracticalwedding.com

With the tagline “weddings, minus the insanity, plus the marriage” and offering a refreshingly grounded approach to wedding planning and life thereafter, A Practical Wedding was suggested to us in a comment in our last roundup.  We’re so glad it was: it’s intelligent, culturally literate, cosmopolitan and brilliantly honest — not just in the quality of the posts themselves, but in the discussions each one provokes. Highlights include articles on money and budgets, second weddings, and making a traditional ceremony your own — but that’s just skimming the surface.

Staggered USA — @iamstaggeredusa, www.iamstaggered.com/usa

Imperial measurements, Pop Idol, Beckham and measles: the British have given much to America. We profiled the UK’s leading online wedding magazine for men last time, and we’re thrilled that they’re now launching in the United States!

Featuring expert advice and personal experiences on proposals, bachelor parties, wedding toasts and honeymoons, all tailored smartly to accommodate a Y-chromosome, Staggered challenges that myth that men aren’t interested in their own weddings. It’s also funny in the way that only a woodland animal in a tuxedo can be.

We’d like to wish Andrew, Brenda and the rest of the team (in sheds or otherwise) the very best of luck with their plans for global conquest.


We’ve one more brilliant resource to show you. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of wedding directories on the web, showcasing different local wedding suppliers, venues and professionals. Uniquely, though, the Dream Wedding Directory (@DreamWeddingUK) is a superb, curated selection of wedding blogs — featuring advice and news from suppliers and commentators alike. Covering specialist topics from planning, photography and honeymoons (where we’re proud to appear ourselves), this site is a goldmine.

Who have we missed? Do you have any recommendations of other fab wedding blogs? Let us know in the comments, or send us a message on Twitter.