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Buy Our Honeymoon turns 3

It’s our third birthday! Back in 2007, we launched a new honeymoon gift list service in the UK, with what was then a completely unique approach — instead of taking a commission out of gifts reserved through the site, we’d charge a simple, honest one-off fee, and provide a free trial with absolutely no obligation. We wanted to help couples make their wedding lists engaging, descriptive, beautiful and romantic. We wanted the site to be easy to use, for both couples and guests. And we wanted to keep refining and improving the site, expanding its audience while maintaining our focus.

We had lots of ideas, but no clue how successful it would become. Since then, we’ve served thousands of couples and tens of thousands of guests, who’ve reserved gifts worth hundreds of thousands of pounds, across dozens of currencies.

There have been registries for honeymoons spanning over a hundred countries across every continent — including Antarctica! — and several honeymoons circumnavigating the globe.  From knitting yarn to valet parking, doggy-boarding to an alpaca jumper, we’re always thrilled by the creativity, romance and wit shown by couples using the site.

One of the things that surprised us most, though, was how international the site would become. We’ve had customers from over 30 different countries, as well as the UK, USA and Canada, and we couldn’t be more grateful for their trust. It’s always so exciting to see new registries from couples in Australia, Singapore, Brazil, Hong Kong, Sweden or Dubai.

In this past year, we’ve improved the site so that you can now upload your own photos to customise your theme, download your Gift History, list your items in an ever-increasing range of currencies, with extra preferences, options and free additional services. We’ve added our most popular theme yet, and been Highly Commended in the UK’s national wedding awards.

We’ve got lots more planned for the year ahead — including some really big news coming very soon — but do please keep sending us your ideas and feedback. We really do want to provide you with the best service we possibly can.

Thanks to you all for another great year!