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We’ve now moved to a brand new infrastructure, bringing even better security, more speed, and improved support for more international languages — plus emoji!

The behind-the-scenes changes are enormous, but (if we’ve done our job properly) mostly invisible. This project was largely about looking to the future and making sure we’re equipped to handle the next ten years.

That said, there are a few really important things you’ll benefit from right away.

A shiny heart-shaped love lock

We’re running everything over HTTPS now — the secure connection that means you see a little padlock symbol in your browser. What’s more, we haven’t just slapped on a certificate and called it a day: we’ve carefully optimised the entire site so that it’s as secure as possible, without breaking compatibility with older browsers that still have people using them. We now get an A+ grade from the industry standard SSL security test.

Everything should be quicker. Not only are we using much more powerful hardware, we’re now available over HTTP2 — the newest version of the protocol that powers the web. Recent versions of modern browsers such as Chrome and Safari use this when possible, and it hugely benefits pages with lots of images. Like your lists!

We can now support many more international languages. This goes for your own list pages and also the personal messages your friends and family can leave for you along with their gifts.

And that includes emoji. 🤓