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Seventeen years

Friends, charge your glasses. We’re here to toast seventeen years of helping couples all over the world fund their honeymoon dreams, with what we hope are many more years to come.

If it feels like a long time since we, as a couple, first decided to create Buy Our Honeymoon for our own wedding – and then to launch it as a business for other couples to enjoy – we suppose that’s because it is. But we’re still just as excited to welcome every new couple that signs up as we ever were, and we’re still constantly looking for ways to adapt, grow and deliver the best honeymoon gift list service possible.

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It’s sometimes easier to talk about our service in terms of what we don’t do. Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t charge your guests a service fee, and we don’t take our own fee out of the gifts you’re given. Instead, we’ve always had a simple, low one-time payment – and we’ve never raised our prices. Our service is better value now than it’s ever been.

We don’t run ads on your registry. We don’t keep your funds and pay you a lump sum at the end. We don’t insist you close your fund before your wedding has happened. We don’t insist you choose your gifts from a pre-determined catalogue of options. We don’t spam your guests with review requests after they’ve bought their gifts. We don’t lose our focus with attempts to create a general-purpose gift fund.

Over the course of seventeen years, we’ve made a lot of upgrades. New designs, new technology, new payment options – new ways to customise and curate a unique honeymoon gift list, perfectly tailored to your needs and personalities as a couple. But we like to think that a big part of the reason we’re still here is that we got the fundamental service right all along.

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Everyone’s honeymoon is different, and everyone’s circumstances are different, so our service needs to be flexible and accommodating. But nobody’s honeymoon is just a collection of brands, quantities and costs. Your honeymoon fund isn’t the same as a regular wedding registry – you’re bringing your friends and family into your dream and letting them help you make it real. We’re here to make that practical and easy, without losing any of the romance or excitement. We’ve always made that our top priority.

Since 2007, we’ve served many thousands of couples from more than fifty countries, with hundreds of thousands of gifts totalling more than 10 million pounds. We’re incredibly grateful for the trust and warm feedback we’ve received – and we’re very much looking forward to helping many more. Cheers!