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14 and counting

We can hardly believe it has been 14 years since we opened our internet doors here at Buy Our Honeymoon! It has been a wonderful journey.

Being a teenager did prove to be quite tricky in our normal lives, and this last year has been quite the challenge in our professional lives too! Having both weddings and travel severely restricted was never on our bingo card.

But as an internet company we have been able to weather the storm of this global crisis.

Nearly the end of the tunnel

And in recent weeks, we have begun to see the green shoots of recovery. Whilst clarity and parity is still urgently needed for the wedding industry, the lifting of restrictions on weddings has made our hearts sing in hope for the future. The vaccine rollout has gone beyond our expectations and a normal life does appear to be (at last!) within our grasp. We’ll soon all be able to visit new places and experience new things again.

So we raise a birthday glass to all those who’ve had to mask their disappointment over their cancelled plans because the challenge we faced was so much bigger than ourselves. We can be sad for what we’ve all sacrificed and understand it’s essential too.

Now that things are starting to return to normal we have plans for the year ahead — we’re hoping to freshen up a theme or two and add a few new features.

Do always get in touch if something you’d particularly like to see. It’s how we’ve kept on growing all these years!