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The new Road Trip

Here we are then! The last of our design themes to get updated in our Grand Project this summer — and it’s the one that began it all, way back in 2005 for our own wedding. We’re thrilled today to bring you the new Road Trip.

Our own honeymoon was a 3000-mile journey through the southern United States, taking in Miami, Orlando, New Orleans, Memphis, Nashville, Savannah and the Florida Keys along the way. To help fund our adventure, we created buy-our-honeymoon.com for our own honeymoon gift list. The design used some grungy paper textures, vintage cars and a map of Florida. When we eventually turned the website into a service anyone could use, some of that design became Road Trip, the first of the five themes we launched withand our own list became the first sample registry on the site.

For this update, we’ve re-worked the entire design from the ground up. Some of the original images are still there, but it’s nonetheless a big transformation. Road Trip always had a weathered, earthy, autumnal quality, and the new design brings this together in a much more detailed and cohesive form. It’s bigger, more colourful and has a much stronger personality. It’s the open road, romance and freedom.

Shelley and Andrew's Deep South Honeymoon AdventureSome of our themes act as counterpoints to each other: Parchment and Lace is the urban Scrapbook; Flowepower is the offbeat Rose Petals. In some ways, Road Trip is now the unplugged Vegas, Baby! — best suited to honeymoon destinations away from the bright lights and the big city. Here’s our sample list, normally seen using Misty Peaks, for a honeymoon hiking, biking and relaxing by the shores of Lake Tahoe.

As with all our updated themes, the new Road Trip works perfectly on smartphones and tablets, and we’ve improved both the typography and our own branding. If you’re using the current version of Road Trip, we haven’t automatically moved you onto the new one — you can keep your list looking exactly as it does now for as long as you wish. If you’d like to try out the new Road Trip, just get in touch and we’ll be glad to help.

We really hope you’ve liked all the updated designs over the past few weeks. It’s been a joy to work through them! We’d love to know which you like best, and which you think has been improved the most. Come join us on Facebook or Twitter and let us know!