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More Gift History refinements

Here at Buy Our Honeymoon, we’re of the opinion that nothing on the site is ever completely finished.  We can always make small improvements here, little adjustments there.  Last month, we made some changes to your Gift History, the section of the site that lists the gifts that have been reserved from your registry by your friends and family.  We’ve now refined this a little bit further.

Where we didn’t have any payment information recorded for a gift, we marked it on your Gift History as pending.  But since PayPal only informs us that a payment has been made if your guest clicks a button to return to your list when their transaction is completed, this would be misleading if your guest had paid through PayPal, but didn’t click the button to let us know.  The Gift History made the status of that payment seem more tentative than it actually was — pending suggested that further action needed to be taken, when really all the message meant was that our site hadn’t been informed that payment had been made.

So we changed the message to read TBC, which we hope is less confusing.  We’ve also added a new FAQ to our online help to clarify this.

Sometimes, a guest will prefer to give you the money themselves instead of using your PayPal account, so we’ve also made it easier for guests to indicate to the site if they intend to pay you in person.  Guests can do this from their Gift Review screen, and also by clicking a link in the confirmation email we send at the time they reserve their gift.  Your Gift History, of course, will reflect this, so you can easily keep on top of things.

Finally, we’ve added a new feature to allow you to send a polite automatic nudge email to any guests who have reserved a gift from your registry, but haven’t yet paid by PayPal (or indicated that they intend to give you the money in person).  You can do this by clicking the Send reminder link against any relevant items in your Gift History.  Of course, if you’d prefer us to contact anyone personally, we’ll be very happy to do so.

As always, if you have any queries or comments, please feel free to leave them on this blog post, or to contact us directly.