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A few updates to email notifications

Every time one of your guests buys a gift from your honeymoon registry, we send both you and them a confirmation message by email. For you, it’s a nice way of keeping track of the activity on your wedding list, and for your guests it’s an important record of their payment choices.

We’ve now made a handful of improvements to both types of message…

If your guests have paid via Stripe, your email confirmation will now include the date when we expect the funds from that gift to arrive in your bank account.

If you’ve added online payments, your guests can pay right away or later. If they haven’t paid immediately, we won’t automatically delete their gift — they can come back another time and pay. Our email confirmation to you now shows more clearly if this is the case for a particular gift.

Often, guests buy more than one gift from your registry in a single payment. We’ll send you a separate email for each individual item — but we now put together a summary of all items in a single email message for your guests.

We think this simplifies things for your guests, and helps focus the message on the transaction details for their payment.

At any time you can view a complete list of all your gifts, including their full payment status, by signing-in to buy-our-honeymoon.com and clicking the Gift History tab.

As well as these changes, we’ve also adjusted the Excel download available through your Gift History to include the transfer date for any gifts paid through either GoCardless or Stripe — to help you track when each transaction reached your bank account.

Busy times! If you have any queries about email notifications or your Gift History, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.