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Helping Hand

We have thousands of couples using our honeymoon gift list service, with honeymoon destinations all over the world.  We’ve even had couples spend their honeymoons in places as far-flung as the Himalayas and Antarctica. So, although we may not have everywhere covered, there’s a fair chance that wherever you’re headed, you’re in good company.

It’s sometimes quite a challenge to start putting together your registry, so we’ve now launched our new Helping Hand service.  With this, we’ll find the very best list that covers your honeymoon destination, and copy over the items from that list to yours.  We’ll make sure that the items are depersonalised and relevant, giving you a ready-made registry that you can then edit and customise to your heart’s content!

We hope that this will be an easy and affordable way of helping to kick-start your wedding gift list.  If you have any questions, as always, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.