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Two small improvements

Following on from our epic summer project to refresh all our registry themes, we’ve just finished work on a couple of further updates to the site that we’d like to tell you about.


Firstly, you can now download the Gift Certificate for each of your gifts directly from your Gift History. Most guests love being able to hand you something physical as a representation of their gift, and we know that lots of couples like to keep a printed copy of all their gift certificates as a memento. But if a few guests forget to print off their certificate, you can now do so yourself!

Gift History example

Your Gift History is available when you log in to buy-our-honeymoon.com — and it’ll stay that way forever, even if your actual list expired long ago!

Don’t forget, you can also download a complete record of all your gifts in a handy Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, right from that page.


Just recently, we had a brilliant suggestion from one of our lovely customers, that we’re really pleased to have put into place now for everyone.

On Buy Our Honeymoon, you can divide individual items into gifts in a variety of ways.  The simplest is to present an item as a single gift, and as soon as it’s reserved, it’s no longer available for other guests. Alternatively, you can allow a gift to be reserved an unlimited number of times, perhaps to receive contributions towards the cost of a larger item.

Also, you can also work out the overall cost of an item and break it down into a set number of manageable chunks.  For example, if you were planning on taking a river cruise costing $100, you could break this down into 2 gifts of $50 each. The site will show your guests a message indicating this:

An example gift, showing “2 of 2 gifts available”

The message changes as soon as one of the gifts is reserved. Once both gifts have been reserved, the item will become unavailable, and will be greyed-out on the site.

Previously, we’d remove the message about the number of available gifts altogether — but a bride contacted us to point out that this meant it would no longer be clear that there had been multiple gifts contributing towards a larger total.

A good point! So now, when a gift like this is completed, the site shows a different message to indicate this:

A completed gift, showing “(2 gifts)”

It’s a very simple change — but we’re always on the lookout for anything that might be potentially confusing or difficult, and then trying to make it better!


We love getting suggestions like this! If you have a special requirement for your honeymoon gift list, please get in touch to discuss what you need. We can’t promise we’ll be able to do everything, but we do promise to try our best to help.