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The new Gift Review

CheckmarkWe’re always looking for ways to improve the experience for people using Buy Our Honeymoon — either as couples putting together their wedding lists, or as guests making gifts from them. So over the seven years we’ve been running, we’ve made lots of incremental changes to the way that guests choose, review and pay for gifts.

At its simplest, a guest might select an item that you’ve listed, enter their details, and then click through to view the payment instructions that you’ve left for them — perhaps just to bring the value of their gift in a card on the day of your wedding. Or perhaps you’ve set up online payments for your registry, and so your guest might then click to pay.

They might decide that, rather than pay online, they’d prefer to make their own arrangements, and click to indicate this. They might reserve several items from your registry and pay for them all in a single transaction. Or they might return to your list later on, perhaps to help a family member reserve and pay for their own gifts to you.

There’s lots of different variations here, but a screen we’ve called the Gift Review is always at the heart of it. It’s a bit like the checkout in a traditional shopping site, showing items, costs, and buttons to make payment. We group together all the gifts made using the same email address or on the same physical computer, and show their status and price. We’ve now made some improvements that take this even further.

A summary of honeymoon gifts

When reserving something from your wedding list, guests can enter a message to accompany their gift to you. The Gift Review now shows the message for each gift, so it’s obvious right away if there are any typos.

What’s more, guests can now also edit the name, email address and message for each gift they’ve reserved — particularly handy so that no-one’s missed out where a group of people have clubbed together to buy a gift.

Sometimes guests decide they’d like to pay online for a gift, having initially indicated that they’d prefer to make their own arrangements. We’ve always been more than happy to sort this out on their behalf, but it’s now possible to change the payment method for any gift that hasn’t already been paid.

We’ve also freshened up the design a little, across each of our themes, so it’s easier to scan through longer lists of gifts.

If you have any queries about these changes, or have any suggestions for further improvements we could make, please don’t hesitate to let us know. You can reach us on Facebook or Twitter, or using the form on our site. We’d love to hear from you!