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Celebrating our 12th birthday with a gift from Stripe

We first launched our honeymoon fund service way back in 2007. The landscape has changed a lot since then, but our focus and principles have always remained the same.

Buy Our Honeymoon came out of the wedding gift list for our own wedding, and our epic honeymoon road trip through the USA. We didn’t need any more stuff for our home, but we had a lot of dreams for our honeymoon and wanted to stretch our budget as far as we could.

Honeymoon fund

So we worked out a way for our guests to sponsor individual aspects of our trip as wedding gifts, and their generosity and kindness made our dreams happen. Those memories were the best gifts we could have wished for.

After we returned, we started to think that other couples might want to use the system we’d put together, so we worked hard on the site to enable that. On 2 April 2007, we opened the doors and we’ve never looked back.

Honeymoon fund

We wanted to make sure couples were always in full control of their gift funds, and never to take our fee out of the gifts you receive.

We wanted to make the experience of buying a gift as personal and meaningful as possible, and to keep the focus on the story of your honeymoon.

We wanted to make things as easy to use as possible, but to keep enough flexibility to adapt to every couple’s unique needs.

We wanted to be the very best option possible for the couples who choose us, and never to take that trust for granted.

We’ve made lots of improvements and adjustments to our service along the way — and we have plans for many more — but those things have never changed.

We like to think that’s why we’re still here, twelve years later.


To celebrate our birthday, we have a very special offer.

We’ve got a limited number of codes for fee-free gift payment processing from our partner, Stripe.

Each code is valid for the first £1500 in gifts paid into your Stripe account. You’ll need to be based in the UK, have paid to use our service, and your Stripe account can’t already have been used. But our offer is open to existing Buy Our Honeymoon couples as well as brand new accounts.

To claim your code, set up your Buy Our Honeymoon account and connect Stripe as a source of gift payments. Then simply drop us an email, and we’ll send you the code and instructions on how to use it.

The codes are first-come, first-served for eligible couples — but don’t forget, you can set up your account as far in advance of your wedding as you wish, at no extra cost!

If you have any queries about this offer, or our honeymoon fund service in general, we’re always here to help.