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The top 5 honeymoon destinations of 2010

We’ve helped couples using our honeymoon registry service to visit around 150 different countries across the globe, taking anything from a few days’ city break to an entire year’s circumnavigation. So we thought it might be interesting to take a look at the most popular destinations for couples using Buy Our Honeymoon in 2010 — where do people go? And what kinds of gift could you include on your wedding list if you’re planning a honeymoon there yourself?


The classic honeymoon and the choice of the romantics, the islands of the Maldives provide the ultimate beach paradise.  Couples relax and enjoy the amazing spa treatments, candlelit dinners on the beach and (for those who have the energy) some fantastic watersports. The Maldives is, by far, the most popular individual honeymoon destination for couples using our service.


Playing the tables in Las Vegas, taking in a Sex and the City tour of New York, riding the cable cars in San Francisco or sipping Mai Tais in Hawaii — four different individual destinations in the USA each appeared in our top 10, and taken together made America the most visited country for our couples in 2010.  And what’s not to love?  The sheer energy and endless diversity provides a thousand different possibilities.


Honeymooners are drawn to the sheer romance of the eternal city and the stunning beaches of the Amalfi Coast. A gondola ride in Venice or wine tasting in Tuscany make for an amazing wedding gift — but many couples go off the beaten track too. What about travelling the famous Mille Miglia car race route, or exploring the hidden gems of Puglia?

Bali and Thailand

Our couples hoping for an exotic honeymoon are drawn to the far east.  From the bustle of Bangkok to the quiet contemplation of a temple tour, Thailand can be as exciting or as relaxed as you want. Gifts have included visits to the Golden Buddah and the Floating Markets of Bangkok.   Elephant trekking in Koh Samui and speed boat transfers between islands have proven to be hugely popular choices.

Once visited, Bali holds a special place in peoples’ hearts.  From the blissful relaxation of the Hot Springs in Brahma Vihra Arama or the spectacular beauty of diving amongst the coral reefs in Amed, Bali is simply breathtaking.

Australia and New Zealand

Thrill seekers with a sense of adventure head ‘down under’. The Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb and scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef are top of the agenda for those seeking a high-energy honeymoon.  And as well as Lord of the Rings fans seeking out film locations, those of you who’d like to enjoy a spot of heli-hiking or white-water rafting, are drawn to New Zealand.


Buy Our Honeymoon couples tend to be adventurous — the world is their oyster! — and luckily for those who don’t fancy doing the research we can provide a Helping Hand service that fills up your list with brilliant ideas of things to do.  We don’t forget lounging on the beach with a cocktail or enjoying a sumptuous dinner — because even the most energetic of couples need to relax and enjoy too!