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New international pricing

We’re thrilled to launch new local pricing for couples in Europe, Australia and Canada — the same great service, the same one-off fee, but charged in your own currency.

We pioneered a new pricing model for honeymoon registry services when we first launched very nearly ten years ago: rather than charge a commission on each gift you receive, we’d have a single one-off fee and a simple free trial.

We charge just £55 for our service to couples in the UK, and $64 US dollars for couples internationally.

But lots of couples in Australia, Canada and throughout Europe choose us for our unique flexibility and the language and currency support we offer on your registry.

So we’ve now brought a little of that to our own pricing!

A long way from London

Our new price for couples across Europe is €59. For couples in Australia, it’s AUD $79. And for couples in Canada, it’s CAD $79.

If you choose to set up online payments, the third-party processing fees from Stripe and PayPal are set based on the country where your account is based.  We make sure our pricing page and guides reflect the correct rates for your location.

It’s the same fantastic, international service — now available in a wider range of currencies!